Posted by Administrator on 28 01 2019 09:42
  1. RDP: Automatically choose the best printer driver for target OS if printer driver is not configured.
  2. RDP: Supports text only printers: Receipt, Label printers.
  3. RDP: New native Smart Card Agent for Windows and macOS, replaced the old Java Applet.
  4. RDP: Fixed a deadlock issue on session shadowing
  5. RDP: Fixed unicode file name encoding issue when gateway running on Ubuntu.
  6. RDP: Fixed file uploading issue when the file size is bigger than 6G (now up to 8PB).
  7. RDP: Fixed Safari audio playing back issue when open RDP connection in an new window.
  8. RDP: Fixed issue that people can download other user's file if they know the user GUID and file name (rdpcore_min.js, SparkGateway.jar). Cookie in browser must be enabled, otherwise, user can not download files.
  9. RDP: Fixed encrypted PDF file printing issue.
  10. RDP: Fixed 2 PDF files generated issue when printing multiple files.
  11. RDP: Fixed IE RemoteApp resizing issue when running under Kiosk Mode.
  12. RDP: Fixed reconnecting issue on Firefox when "You PDF file may not display correctly" toolbar appear.
  13. RDP: Added Danish keyboard
  14. RDP: Fixed paste image issue on IE
  15. RDP: Send scancode instead for numbers on unicode keyboard(Some filted inputs only accept scancode)
  16. VNC: Fixed VNC memory leak issue when keep connecting and disconnecting.
  17. Fixed file uploading dialog becoming smaller bug after uploading files when bootstrap css is used.
  18. Fixed file dialog disappear issue when resizing the browser (surface_min.js)
  19. SSH: Select and copy text to local clipboard.
  20. SSH: Fixed ping method an affect VIM editor input issue.
  21. SSH: Fixed SSH display issue when connecting to Procurve and Aruba Switches.
  22. SSH: Fixed SFTP(SSH) downloading issue when file path includes ..
  23. SSH: reconnectOnResize proptery and reconnect(newWidth, newHeight) method are also available.
  24. Okta integration.
  25. Tested on Open JDK 11 and zulu Open JDK 11.

Known issues

  1. IE does't support audio recording (microphone redirection).
  2. RemoteApp on separated Window doesn't work on IE because of IE bug.
  3. Copy/paste image doesn't work on Safari.
Posted by Administrator on 26 04 2018 10:56
  1. Supports the newest credSSP version 6 (Microsoft CredSSP updates for CVE-2018-0886)
  2. Supports sftp, curve25519-sha256 KexAlogorithms and ed25519 key file on SSH
  3. Supports server group, user group
  4. Better concurrent session shdaowing when resetOnJoin = true
  5. Better IME, mouse wheel gesture (2 finger) support on iOS and Andorid
  6. New portCheckTimes, portCheckInterval parameters for server status checking.
  7. New fontFamily, lineHeight parameters for SSH
  8. New player.html (Playing local file) and playerremote.html (Playing files on gateway)
  9. Fixed some RemoteApp windows are not centered issue
  10. Fixed large file (>4GB) uploading issue
  11. Fixed Convert/NonConvert key not working issue on Japanese keyboard
  12. Fixed numlock sync issue after browser is resized
  13. Fixed half hour timezone issue, such as IST.
  14. Fixed some pages missing issue when priting multiple files together
  15. Fixed some temporary files were not deleted issue
  16. Fixed remote copy/paste issue when running in Electron
  17. Fixed mouse wheel (2 fingers) moving too fast issue on iOS and Android
  18. Fixed resolution change issue when switching back from other apps on iOS
  19. Fixed VNC Command key stuck issue on Mac.
Known issues
  1. IE does't support audio recording (microphone redirection).
  2. RemoteApp on separated Window doesn't work on IE because of IE bug.
  3. Copy/paste image doesn't work on Safari.
Posted by Administrator on 09 01 2018 08:28
  1. File drag and drop. You can drag a file to remote desktop or file explorer directly. Need to set copyFile=true in gateway.conf to enable it. (RDP)
  2. RDP 6.1 bulk compression support.
  3. Supports microphone redirection on Safari (Ver 11 or later) too.
  4. Better multiple files printing support (RDP).
  5. RemoteApp task bar when running multiple RemoteApps in one browser window (login.html, exampleRemoteApp2.html) (RDP).
  6. New copyToLocal, copyToRemote RDP parameters for fine control of clipbaord redirection.
  7. New writeClipboard method to write text, html, image to remote clipboard (RDP).
  8. New onLockKeyState event on RDP and VNC.
  9. New sendKeyboardSynchronize(scroll, numlock, capital) (RDP).
  10. Keyboard auto-detection.
  11. Fixed "can not swtich focus back from addresssbar on IE" issue.
  12. Fixed a conenction issue on Remote Assitance (assist.html).
  13. Fixed double cursor issue on Remote Assistance (assit.html).
  14. Fixed multiple monitor conenction issue when screen is scaled on Windows.
  15. Fixed audio plack issue on Edge.
  16. Fixed unicode keyboard issue on XRDP.
  17. Fixed blurry screen issue when mouse move to Chrome toolbar.
  18. Fixed extra text blink cursor issue on IE.
  19. VNC supports Hextile encoding, QEMU extended key event and LED State Pseudo-encoding.
  20. 16 bit color support on Tight Encoding (VNC).
  21. Fixed session shadowing issue when Tight Encoding is used on VNC.
  22. Fixed Print and Pause key not working issue on QEMU VNC.
  23. Better xterm terminla support on SSH.
  24. Better performance on SSH.
  25. Supports 24 bit color on SSH.
  26. New terminlaType parameter for SSH.
  27. Joined SSH user can see the historay data too.
  28. Click special effect on session shadowing; also supported on playback.
  29. UI streamlined and improved: show uploading speed, new hi5.ui.Lightbox, better hi5.Draggable etc.
  30. Fixed extra key up message issue when working with Keepass Auto-Type.
  31. Better keybaord handling. Including lock key synchronization, key down or key up not captured by browser etc.
  32. writeText and writeKeyComb method added interval and callback arguments.
  33. Supports Radius Acceept Challenge message.
  34. syslog integration (Linux).
  35. Supports SAML integration.
  36. Fixed extra headers configured in gateway.conf are not applied on XMLHTTP Request issue.
  37. Fixed file name encoding issue when file has unicode in it on IE.
  38. Better compatibiity with Chromium Embedded Framework and Electron.
Known issues
  1. IE does't support audio recording (microphone redirection).
  2. RemoteApp on separated Window doesn't work on IE because of IE bug.
  3. Copy/paste image doesn't work on Safari.
Posted by Administrator on 27 02 2017 15:30

FileCloud 14 Integrates with Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online to Bring Browser Based Document Editing to On-premise File Servers.

Among the most significant new features of FileCloud 14 are:

  • Document editing in browser - Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration
  • Drive application for macOS
  • File Analytics, Business Intelligence and Admin Reports

Document editing in browser - Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration

FileCloud 14 integrates with Microsoft Office Online Server and Collabora's LibreOffice to bring seamless browser based document editing capabilities.  Users can select any file stored in FileCloud, open it on Office Online Server or LibreOffice Online, edit it and then save it back to FileCloud without ever leaving the browser. This industry leading integration supports Microsoft Office document types (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and Open Office document types (*.odt, *.odp and *.ods).   This powerful functionality is a boon for organizations that have a lot of files stored on their private file servers behind a firewall. Working with remote Office files has never been simpler.